Political Organization

Upon arrival at Tar Heel Boys’ State, the citizens are assigned to one of two political parties, the “Nationalists” or the “Federalists”. The two parties are in no way reflections of the two major political parties in American government, but are established to allow instruction and participation in the two-party system of government.

An effective political system is created at Tar Heel Boys’ State to operate from the precinct level through the State committee. A breakdown of the political organization is as follows:

  • The City
  • The County
  • The Judicial Circuit
  • The Legislative District
  • The Boys’ State

The government organization provides for such features as: city, county and state elections, party caucuses and conventions, keynote speeches, platform development, organization of component units such as senatorial districts, judicial districts, and legislative committees, and local functional government such as county boards, agencies, and courts.